Discover the Hottest Trends in Japanese Streetwear (For 2021)

Hottest Trends in Japanese Streetwear For 2021

If you want the hottest threads in Japanese streetwear next year, you need to start shopping right now. Retailers are already predicting that the 2020 Christmas shopping season is going to be the best retail selling quarter on record.

That means if you want to score the best in Japanese streetwear for 2021, you need to plan on making your purchases soon. Between Black Friday and Christmas, most retailers expect to sell out of many of the hottest designs.


Below is your guide to the hottest trends in Japanese streetwear for 2021 so you can start your shopping before it’s too late.

Cute & Kawaii Bigger Than Ever

Cute and Kawaii animal prints will continue to be huge in 2021. Oversized sweatshirts and hoodies are going to be the biggest sellers. The most popular Kawaii prints are going to be of cute animals doing human things like drinking coffee or listening to their AirPods.

The key to pulling off the Kawaii look is to only buy designs that speak to you. If you are a cat person, choose cat prints. If you are more of a dog person, stick to dog prints.

Of course, you have more options than just cats and dogs. Other popular Kawaii animal prints in 2021 will include narwhals, guinea pigs, and mice.

Kawaii shirts come in every color imaginable. But, 2021 is going to be the year of bright colored shirts that showcase the full color palette of the different cute animal designs.


Fun Takes on Traditional Prints

The famous Katsushika Hokusai painting of the Wave off Kanagawa has been featured on Japanese streetwear for decades. Other traditional pieces of ancient Japanese artwork have also been featured on shirts and hoodies for years.

The big trend in 2021 is going to be fun takes on these traditional prints—the stranger the better. Think of everything from Godzilla coming out of the Wave off Kanagawa to a cat as an ancient sumo wrestler or geisha.

Unlike the Kawaii trend, the fun takes on traditional Japanese prints will be popular in dark colors as well as brighter colors.



Print designs come and go. But, every so often, a trend emerges that is more substantial. This year the single hottest Japanese streetwear trend is going to be robes.

Japanese streetwear devotees have loved robes as casual wear for a long time, but in 2021 Japanese robes are finally going to explode in popularity.

Robes for men and women will even experience some popular crossover appeal. The robes are soft, comfortable, and incredibly versatile. Because they are cut differently than a traditional sweatshirt or light jacket, they allow people to better express their personality.

While plain, simple robes will be the most popular, the most fashion-conscious Japanese streetwear lovers will embrace bright colors and ironic prints. Japanese style robes will allow more people to embrace their inner samurai or inner geisha.


What’s your favorite Japanese streetwear trend for 2021?