Our Japanese Roots (Beginnings of Tekashi Japanese Streetwear)


At a time when fashion has become accessible to all, Japan has become a major player in the streetwear world, especially in Harajuku, where it has the upper hand. It is this distinctive individuality that has prevailed, rather than repackaging Western influences, that has pushed Japan's streetwear brands into a category of their own. Here we zoom in on some of the biggest portable street names that have taken over the world in recent years, from Yohji Yamaguchi, Yoko Ono and Yojimbo.

A mystical attraction that fascinates and interests outsiders to dive deep into the world of Yohji Yamaguchi, Yoko Ono and Yojimbo, and their unique style makes them fascinating but keen to dive deeper.

Given the counter-cultural nature of streetwear, the younger generation of Japanese living in Harajuku in the 1990s found it difficult to look beyond their own style. The rise of "streetwear" was inevitable in Tokyo, where the majority of young residents were rebellious and longed for a unique form of self-expression. Once clothing fashion from the US reached Japan, it was accepted as a genre as soon as the Harjuku youth began to pursue it passionately.

Many musicians, street artists and designers made pilgrimages to Tokyo to experience the magic for themselves. As we all know, the world began to discover people like Yohji Yamamoto, Rei Kawakubo, Hiroki Kurosawa, Takashi Miike and many others. The Japanese streetwear brands that drove the hype were very impressed by the popularity of their designs and the success of the Harajuku scene.

Japanese fashion was one of the best - kept secrets of menswear even a decade ago, but now, in 2020, the secret of the divinely fashionable Japanese could be revealed. With that in mind, here's a list of what high-snobbery readers should know about the world's most popular streetwear brands in Japan, from Yohji Yamamoto to Rei Kawakubo.

For those who already know them, it is a chance to think about the best - of - the best, and for those who are new to the world's most popular streetwear brands, an opportunity to learn and learn.

For the less informed, the door opens to a completely different level of style, and this opens the doors to completely new worlds of fashion, fashion design and fashion history.

The 1980s laid the foundations for Japan's most original streetwear, and what followed was to lay the groundwork for a new era of fashion, design and fashion history in Japan. The influence of the West, breaking norms and changing lifestyles through Western influences, would be set in this scene with the rise of hip-hop, punk rock and other alternative styles. Japanese sensitivities, young people welcomed other cultures and fashions and adapted them to their sensitivities. 

A number of brands that are considered uniquely Japanese in fashion date back to this period, and there is no denying that they have made a lasting contribution. So here's a list of the best streetwear brands that originated in Japan and date back to the 1980s and early 1990s. This list is based purely on personal preferences, of course, but it is then for you.

Perhaps no other brand has dominated the streetwear conversation as much as this brand, and perhaps no brand as Tokyo's Yohji Yamamoto.

While streetwear has become popular in the United States, Japan has a long history of high-end apparel brands that continually amaze shoppers with unique designs that have not been copied in America. Unfortunately, with street style comes the so-called "top-down" fashion or clothing that one only buys to impress, and with it comes a lack of respect for what was said before: the top is not treated appropriately. There is no banana, there is only Yohji Yamamoto, the brand that launched the "Japanese streetwear" movement.

If you want to change your style this summer, "Japanese streetwear" is the way to go. Here is a look at some of the most popular Yamamoto styles for the upcoming school year and summer season.

Japanese streetwear is on the rise and is best known for mixing local and foreign labels. Undercover was founded in 1990 by Jun Takahashi and has since become a classic in the "Japanese streetwear" scene. Japanese fashion brand that specializes in punk - blended, American - influenced streetwear styles Undercover is one of Japan's most popular brands and a favorite of many fashion bloggers and bloggers in general. UNDERCOVER was founded in 1991 with the help of its founder and boss Yoko Yamamoto and was the first major collaboration between the two.

The clothing incorporates elements of high fashion looks such as high-end streetwear, street punk and street style, but it is also part of the mainstream.

Mercury Duo is a light, airy and feminine brand that often offers a mix of high-end streetwear, street punk and street style. What used to be one of the best kept secrets of menswear is now a talking point when it comes to streetwear and fashion.