Bansu Pocket Black Cat Unisex Hoodie

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ļ»æHang in there buddy! šŸˆ Don't worry friend, we gotcha! Cats will try to fit anywhere, especially where they can't fit. Like your shirt pocket! Fortunately for all of us, he's just a printed on cat, on a printed on shirt pocket. So all's well that ends well. At least he can complete your 'fit, and for a great deal at that! What a good kitty!

MadeĀ with a premiumĀ blend of cotton and polyester for trueĀ softness and comfort. Look great and feel even better knowing that you're getting the best quality fabrics and designs around.

ā€¢ Standard US Size (True-to-Fit)
ā€¢ High Quality Fabric
ā€¢ Durable and Long Lasting


All of our apparel is handĀ checked for absolute precision. We pay great attention to detail and ensure that all of our products are long lasting and comfortable.Ā Feel great knowing you're wearing theĀ bestĀ in modern Japanese Streetwear.