Our Mission

At Tekashi.com, we want to help make people more aware of Asian style streetwear and other new trends in the hiphop and underground scene. We have curated the best content and amazing styles for our unique fan base to enjoy with a virtually endless supply of products and designs. When you walk out onto the streets, your clothing should be an extension of your inner self and we have always felt that most clothes you can buy at retail stores don't accomplish that. Next time you want to be seen, make sure you wear something from us! If you share this vision with us, share our story with your peers and help spread awareness about our mission today!

Tekashi Streetwear is a proud Japanese and Asian inspired clothing store that loves to push the envelope. With most of our good coming straight from Asia, our products are authentic and made to make you happy with your purchase. We are constantly innovating and pushing the envelope to find the hottest new trends from East Asia that will amaze out loyal customers and make you come back for more! We got bored and tired of buying the same old clothing from the same big box retailers who offered very plain and boring clothes with no flare and because of that, we are always changing our styles with the seasons, as you should be! Try us out today and see what all the hype is about!

Sizing Guide

Men's/Unisex Size Guide:

All men's/unisex clothing is listed in U.S. sizes (identical to EU/AU sizes), unless otherwise noted. Please make all of your orders in accordance with your normal U.S. clothing size. When your order arrives, the size on the tag may show a different size than what you ordered because of conversions from our Asian sizes to U.S. sizes. Your product will still fit comfortably. Please see sizing charts available below or on the product page.

Men's/Unisex Sizing Chart


Ladies Sizing Chart